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Groken Family Tree


John Adam Grokenbarger circa 1850

At this time I am giving the site a make-over and hope to have it up soon.  My apologies for the length of time this is taking!!
This space is dedicated to finding other Grokenbarger descendants. It seems the name has all but died... and soon it will be forgotten.
If any of the surnames listed here are yours, perhaps, just maybe you are a Groken/Grokenbarger? I will have more details, and full names posted as soon as I can. Please return to check. Or contact me directly.
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Janet Whitten:

A Groken reunion, perhaps?

Grokenbarger family surnames include: Groken, Williams, Brockway, Mann, Murphy, Myers, Sweet, Austin, Dodge, Morris, Eichholtz, Loveland, Daves, Redecker, and Follett. But are not limited to!