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Robles History
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Here are some  historical tidbits on the Robles family of the Tampa Bay, Florida area... This is far from complete, but I hope it's of some help to any researchers or just the curious. :O)  
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The Robles
Joseph and Martha with some of their children.

On February 11, 1870, Joseph Paul Robles Jr. and his wife Martha Ann (Boyett) Robles homesteaded a 160 acre piece of land in Hillsborough County, Florida. It was bounded on the north by Sligh Ave; the south by Robles Ave. (now Hanna Ave.); the west by Livingston Ave. (now 22nd St.) and on the east by 30th St.

In an area of Indians the Robles were the only white family in a square mile. Soon though, other pioneer families began to settle around the Robles place. The Henry Murphy, the James Morris and the Tom Bourquardez families became neighbors and close friends.
In 1882 Robles bought a half acre of land at the corner of Hanna and what was then called Livingston Ave. With the help of his brother, Seaborn, and his 3 friends mentioned above, Joseph Robles purchased the hard pine and cypress lumber needed to build the areas first one room school house.
Between 1871 and 1897, Joseph and Martha parented at least 10 children, all born on the homestead and all formally educated in the 'Livingston Avenue School'.
During the 1800's, 2 of Joseph's sons, Jerry and (John) Horace were in business together as stonecutters. Although their business eventually succumbed to bankruptcy, many of the grave markers that they made still stand in Tampa's Woodlawn Cemetery.
In 1888, Joseph's brother, Horace Theodore Robles, built a house on Hanna Ave. (back then, Robles Ave.). The house remains today, having been deemed a historical landmark in 2006, because of the great contributions to the area by the Robles family. Here you can see the house after a recent renovation by a reality group, whom are using the building as a leasing office for 'Grand Oaks Apartments' at 2604 E. Hanna Ave.
(And a footnote... robles in Spanish means oaks! Nice touch.)

Horace T. Robles home, built in 1888.
2604 E. Hanna Ave.

Joseph Robles Jr. and wife, Martha.

In 1914, (John) Horace Robles bought the old Livingston Ave. schoolhouse, knowing that the materials used in construction were of high quality. He took all the materials, and those of an old church and combined them to build his home on Lake Platt. The house is still there and as of 1986 was still in the Robles family.
Joseph Robles Park, once Avon Park and renamed in 1931. It is my belief that this park was named for Joseph Jr.'s father, Joseph Sr., born in Spain. He is said to have jumped ship in 1832 in Georgia, then relocated in Florida. He built his homestead here and took part in the Seminole War. He married Mary A. Garrison (born in GA) and they had 10 children. Joseph Sr. died in 1907 at the age of 89.
Joseph Robles Sr. is present on the Hillsborough Co. 1860 and 1870 census.

Joseph Robles Park
Robles Park Center; 3305 N. Avon Ave.

**Jerry Robles (son of Joseph Jr.), was born, Jeremiah Green Robles.
**Katie R. Palmer was born, Katherine Julia Robles. She married James Burns, and then Edward Clayton Palmer Sr.