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    The Robles-Bourquardez Cemetery is a tiny place with all of 22 people buried there. It seems long forgotten, and sadly neglected. With the old oak trees serving as an umbrella, the brick walls are crumbling and the moss has begun to take over. Some stones lay next to their pedestals, while some are simply missing. Just a foot from a busy road, it goes unnoticed...

The cemetery is located in Tampa, Hillsborough Co., Florida, on Sligh Avenue.
Off of I-275, head east on Sligh Ave. The cemetery is located on the left, about a block before 30th Street.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to my daughter, Jaclynn, she worked just as hard as I did to bring this project to life.

Gone but not Forgotten
Robles-Bourquardez Cemetery (click pic to enlarge)

List of Surnames in cemetery:
Robles, Bourquardez, Houston, Palmer, Armstrong, Billings,
Murphy and Callen.